Calling all clubs, match secretaries, and club administrators in the Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union! We want your news. With the launch of the brand CGRU website, we want to fill it with your content! If you have a press release, club announcement, match report, tournament notice/recap, or any other type of news please submit it to the CGRU so we can publish it to the site.

Our goal is to promote the clubs and players in the CGRU to help advance the game within our union.

A few rules:

  1. The news has to pertain to rugby in the CGRU
  2. No profanity, suggestive content, or negative accusations about other clubs
  3. News must be submitted in a timely manner (i.e. don’t send in a match report from two months ago)
  4. The CGU webmaster reserves the right to edit the submission for spelling or grammatical errors

How to submit news:

  1. Email your news directly to us at
  2. If you’d like a specific picture to be used in conjunction with your release, please use the email option and include your picture
  3. Submitted photos/pictures must be at least 660 X 440 to use on a featured article
  4. If photo credit is needed, please include the name of the photographer and they will receive credit for their work