The first training assembly of 2018 was a huge success for the women ruggers of the Carolinas. After relaunching their Select Side program in 2017, the program continues forward with an immense amount of energy and enthusiasm.  Players assembled on January 28th for the 2nd development camp and attendance numbers jumped to see 34 athletes turn up to improve their rugby. Despite the threat of rain, a focused and energetic three hours of training were completed and plenty of new faces were welcomed to the program.  

“With a continued focus on skill development and incremental implementation of fundamental sporting movements, the progress within session two was commendable,” said head coach and Program Director Brad Richard.

The 2nd developmental camp built on the essential skills of catch/pass and individual evasive footwork. The camp progressed to working on new passing techniques as well as attacking in small groups.

“Providing the athletes various scenarios and open game play situations allows for the athletes to execute on their strengths while providing context and situational awareness when implementing new skills,” added Richard. ” Additionally, it allows for the players and coaches to assess the athletes for common deficiencies, as well as finding many strong points that previously appeared to be weak points.  Our coaching staff is extremely encouraged by the enthusiasm and player potential showcased so far, and continues to remain optimistic for future improvements in the standard of rugby in the Carolina’s.”

The Carolinas Geographic Union Women’s Select Program thanks Kyleigh Hill and Stefania Evans for organizing use of the facilities on base at Fort Bragg. The group was treated to a positive and inviting training atmosphere provided by all of the Fort Bragg/Camp Lejuene women.

The CGRU High Performance Program is hosting a 3rd development camp on Feb 11th, 2018 in Charleston, South Carolina at 12:00pm.  The camps/training sessions are open to ALL CLUB WOMEN in the Carolina’s GU. The camps are free of charge and provide a great development opportunity for all women’s players.